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Sorry I’m just using my new iPhone 6

First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately drops it

And y’all worried bout Amanda Bynes
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I need this 
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why do girls have fake pockets when guys can fit a laptop in theirs 

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#isnt this the anaconda vid???????????

Anime Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin great anime show :)


Any time someone says that the Attack On Titan fandom needs to do a prayer circle for a character, I just sit there like, do you remember what happened last time when there was a prayer circle?image

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Top 5 sex positions

  • free shipping
  • direct deposit
  • "sort by price: low to high"
  • track your order
  • 50% off
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I have the eye of the tiger, the heart of a lion, and a lifetime ban from the zoo

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Running into closeted homosexuals from high school at the gay club


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