Idk.. Lately I haven’t felt like myself…

Hey, don’t feel that way… You’re making me exceptionally sad, saying this. If there’s anything that I can do, please, I earnestly request that you don’t hesitate to ask; remember that I’ll always be there for you, and will go through infinite lengths to make you the happiest person on Earth. I’d go through anything for you. I care for you more than anything, remember that.

I truly thank you, for which I have been blessed with a wonderful person like you in my life. I know you’ll always be there for me, and I thank the man upstairs every single day for you. You make me happy even with just these little messages. I appreciate you so much, and I always will. I know you’re here, and sometimes I let a little thing get in the way… The feeling is mutual when it comes to doing anything for you.

How wonderful it is to have mutual feelings, may you yet still continue to find happiness, mon amour.

Today a teacher played taemin’s dance practice video in the auditorium with 300+ students
"from a child who couldnt sing to a man who is able to release his own solo album" 
- - teacher’s comments about taemin
cr: jongpouts
(Can we give this teacher an award? Daebak!!! Best teacher)

Jjong: Taemin has a small pe-
Taemin: Noo, hyung stop *giggles from embarrassment*
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honeymoon is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying

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know your angles


the amount of fake/photoshopped bullshit people are using to gain followers is making me so frustrated with this website

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okay scary story time my sister hid this pic of Michael Jackson behind my pillow and when I lifted my pillow I saw this and I screamed so loud I can’t even handle looking at the pic omfg
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